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Review: Vanguard VEO Travel 21 Shoulder Bag

The VEO Travel 21 is a travel sling bag from Vanguard that oozes the style of a classic messenger bag but eloquently includes modern looking materials with a military look and feel. This only eludes to its robustness, which would be an accurate assumption. I was recently sent this VEO Travel 21 bag for review by Vanguard UK.

Vanguard VEO Travel 21

Vanguard VEO Travel 21

The bag is designed to include mirrorless and compact system cameras such as the Sony A7, Fujifilm X-T2, Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 and the Canon EOS M range, to name a few. The bag is designed to provide storage for one or two additional lenses, a 7-inch mini tablet and other essential accessories (such as a remote trigger, cables, batteries etc.)

Not only does this bag allow you to comfortable travel with your photography gear, it isn’t just a camera bag. This can easily be converted by removing the internal dividers, converting this bag into an everyday, spacious, shoulder bag. 

At first glance, you’d be mistaken to think this bag was potentially thin, with little protection and not a suitable camera back at all. However, the padding blends in extremely well and on opening the bag you can feel and see how protective this bag is. And with exterior fabric consisting of 300D Polyester + 1000D Nylon, it has high water-resistant properties. This is a bag for “whatever the weather.”

This bag is available in two colors: Black & Khaki, Blue & Khaki. I received the Blue & Khaki, as pictures and although it looks small, it can hold my professional DSLR, Canon 5D Mark IV. My intention was always to test this bag to its limit. It can hold my 16-35mm but not my 70-200mm lens, as the height of the bag, is on 19cm. Vanguard does offer larger bags in the VEO Travel range, which would likely accommodate. It also held my Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod, a spare battery and an SD card pouch. And of course the 5D Mark IV body. Admittedly, it was tight, but it did all fit. 

It obviously fit my smaller compact camera much better, my iPad Mini, my phone and my power bank – which was great for a family outing where I didn’t need my DSLR.

Vanguard VEO Travel 21

Vanguard VEO Travel 21

Vanguard VEO Travel 21

Please accept my apologies, my photos aren’t great off my smartphone. When trying to write the blog and take the photos – I had my wonderfully delightful and energetic two year old hanging from my neck!

  • Pros
    • Classic bag design with modern touches;
    • Double layer of access (first the flap with a magnetic fake buckle, second a drawstring);
    • Strong magnet on the front buckle, reducing accidental opening;
    • Dividers which can be removed and/or repositioned to accommodate your needs;
    • Water resistant materials, especially on the drawstring area and the bottom of the bag;
    • Ability to convert to an every day over the shoulder bag;
    • Adjustable strap for shoulder.
  • Cons
    • Rough material for mini tablet area – would be better with a softer material which would be less harsh on a screen – although this doesn’t ‘scratch’ anything I’ve put in, I think it would be more pleasing if this was a softer material on at least one side;
    • Limited colours – whilst I personally like the ‘blue and khaki’ and this would be my first choice, others may prefer alternative colour options; 
    • No padding on the camera strap anywhere.

Apart from these minor shortcomings, the quality of the bag is very good. It looks and feels expensive, but is more than reasonably priced. At the time of publishing, the camera costs £19.99 (on offer). The design is attractive and modern with plenty of uses, especially for the lifestyle photographer or those on a small jaunt over the local area with a fully charged camera and the need for only one lens or two.

Vanguard – VEO Travel 21

Specs from website:

WEIGHT (LB) 0.82
WEIGHT (KG) 0.11
COLOR Blue & Khaki
EXTERIOR FABRIC 300D Polyester + 1000D Nylon


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